Mobile Development

Accessibility to information from anywhere in the world with a handheld device, turning Apps to more relevant than ever.

The wide range of mobile platforms available for Mobile devices allows for a great deal of flexibility in choosing development tools, while requiring a well-thought choice of the most suitable platform in order to develop the best-suited App at the lowest cost.

We use a broad range of platforms to develop your Apps:


PWA- Progressive Web Application

This is in fact a Mobile-customized website written using a technology that allows fast upload on the device, using as little data as possible. The main advantage of this tool is that it does not require installation through the App store and does not need separate development for Android and iPhone.

Cordova-Ionic – Hybrid App

This platform wraps a Mobile-optimized website and allows its upload as an App to the store. The advantage of this platform is that it requires a single code writing only, and does not required double code writing when creating Apps for  Android and iPhone.


With this method, two Apps are being developed simultaneously – one for Android (Java/Kotlin) and one for IOS-Swift. The main advantage of this method is that the Apps are optimized for each platform. Its disadvantage is that it needs a completely separate App development for each platform.



Flutter is an innovative platform that allows combining the benefits of a hybrid App with those of a native App. The code is written in an intermediate language and then translated into a native code for each of the platforms.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to help you choose the best-suited platform for your project.

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Selected projects

Preparation For Grade 1

Prepare for First Grade, the Fun Way


Both parents and kids will look forward to the new frontier of first grade with this app full of incredibly fun educational games to help prepare. With this dynamic workout for a whole range of skills, moving on from kindergarten has never been easier.


Kahane Group, established in 1935, is one of the leading companies in the electrics, electronics and home-automation systems in Israel.

In its constant drive for innovation, Kahana group has invented Hashmalist -  a hybrid mobile application that enables contractors to create and update bill-of-materials on the go, selecting from a rich and photographed catalog of high-end parts and products. After creating the bill of materials, the contractor can then share it with suppliers in order to obtain detailed and accurate quotes.

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