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Our experienced developers have the ability of programming across a broad range of platforms, while adhering to high standards of coding and documentation.

Whether it is a new project or continued development of an existing one, our developers will be able to provide the most professional solution on a spectrum of technologies, including:

Server side: .Net, Node JS, Java, Python, php.

Client side: Angular, Angular JS, React, Vue JS

What technology will be used in your project?

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Selected projects


High-Tech Comfort for Feet

Eleven languages, Bluetooth connectivity, and a user-friendly interface are all you need to take perfect measurements for perfectly-fitting insoles. The Aetrex system reads pressure from feet to create customized insoles with measurements that can't miss. Already used on PCs at points of sale worldwide, the software was converted into a feature-filled Android app that's making it even easier to create perfect insoles.


Kahane Group, established in 1935, is one of the leading companies in the electrics, electronics and home-automation systems in Israel.

In its constant drive for innovation, Kahana group has invented Hashmalist -  a hybrid mobile application that enables contractors to create and update bill-of-materials on the go, selecting from a rich and photographed catalog of high-end parts and products. After creating the bill of materials, the contractor can then share it with suppliers in order to obtain detailed and accurate quotes.

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